California firefighters rescue puppies from turtle-blocked cave

San Bernardino County firefighters came to the rescue of two puppies trapped in an underground turtle den for hours on Sunday, June 19. The two five-month-old puppies were blocked in the den by a 100-pound tortoise that was camping, said San Bernardino County Fire (SBCF). Residents had told firefighters that the dogs had been in the den for hours and were quiet. Footage from the fire department shows firefighters trying unsuccessfully to lure the turtle, named Oscar, out of the den with some watermelon. In the end, it was decided to dig an access hole to save the puppies. After an hour of digging, the crews pulled the puppies from the den, SBCF said. “Peo and Finn were unharmed and happy to reunite with their canine mother Kathleen,” said SBCF. Credit: San Bernadino County Fire via Storyful