Canada sends $9 million worth of replacement howitzer reserves to Ukraine

Canada will announce later today that it is spending $9 million on replacement barrels for the howitzers it shipped to Ukraine earlier this year, CBC News has learned.

The barrels of modern artillery guns, such as the M-777 howitzer, have to be replaced after firing as many as 2,500 rounds.

Defense Minister Anita Anand will announce the donation during a meeting with NATO allies in Brussels, a government source with knowledge of the file said Wednesday.

Earlier this spring, the Liberal government sent Ukraine four M-777 howitzers from its army’s stock of 37 155-millimeter guns.

In late May, it announced that Canada would send 20,000 rounds of ammunition and was in talks to purchase another 100,000 artillery shells for Ukraine.

A shortage of artillery and ammunition has hampered Ukraine’s efforts to repel the Russian invasion, which began on February 24.

The US has supplied more than 100 155-millimeter towed howitzers, including M-777s.