Canberra child molester John Paul Garay sentenced to five years in prison on eight child sexual abuse charges


John Paul Garay, 62, who was found guilty of several child sex offenses last year, will spend five years behind bars after being convicted in the ACT Supreme Court Friday night.

In August 2021, Garay was found guilty of a total of eight charges of child sexual abuse, including rape.

All the crimes took place at Garay’s home in the 1980s against the son of a family friend, the court heard when he was found guilty.

Lawyers prosecuting Garay said he had shown no remorse for his actions.

“Mr Garay expressed some indifference to the seriousness of his offence,” they said.

Garay twice asked for the charges to be postponed, meaning he would not be sentenced, but the stay was rejected by both Chief Justice Lucy McCallum and Judge Michael Elkhaim.

In issuing her sentencing today, Judge Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson said she acknowledged the long-lasting impact Garay’s offense had on his victim’s life.

“The court recognizes the serious, long-lasting and tragic effect of the crimes on the victim,” she said.

“It must be said that the court recognizes the devastating impact the crimes had on both the victim and his wife.”

Justice Loukas-Karlsson sentenced Garay to five years in prison for his actions and said he would be eligible for parole in March 2025.