Canberra man Chidi Okwechime described as ‘insane animal’ during rape case


A woman who says she was raped by a man she met at a nightclub in Canberra last year has described him as a “crazy animal”.

Chidi Okwechime, 34, faces four charges of rape and one of suffocation in the ACT Supreme Court.

During a police interview played before the jury, the woman collapsed when she described what she believed was an aggressive attack that left her with bruises and a damaged rib.

The woman told police she’d been to a 21st fancy dress party, where the theme was to come as the person you’d want to be found dead as, and she was dressed as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction.

She said she met a friend at a nightclub after the party, before going to the now-closed Kokomos club.

The court heard that she met a group of men there, including Mr Okwechime.

The woman admitted to police that she put a line of cocaine in the toilets when she dropped her phone.

But she said the bar staff wouldn’t help her make it work.

She said she then went to another nightclub with the group.

It was then that Mr. Okwechime offered her a ride to a party with another couple, where she could charge her phone.

But she told the police when she got there, there was no party.

The other couple entered a bedroom before being attacked.

She said she had repeatedly asked Mr. Okwechime to stop.

“I kept thinking ‘I’m being raped, I’m being raped, I’m being raped,’” she said.

She claimed that Mr. Okwechime reprimanded her for resisting.

“I burst into hysterical tears…I didn’t agree to this.”

She told police that Mr Okwechime had also tried to strangle her.

“I felt like my eyeballs were bulging out,” she said.

But Mr Okwechime’s lawyer Steven Whybrow told the jury that his client denied many of the charges and said what happened was done with consent.

Mr Whybrow said a bruise on the woman’s neck is what is popularly known as a “love bite”.