Carlton’s incredible win rate on St Kilda

Since their first game in 1867, Carlton have beaten St Kilda 74% of the time. This includes 5 finals wins out of 5.

Yes – 74%. Carlton has scored 4,145 goals MORE than St Kilda in his matches.

19,570 goals to 15,425.

How did this come about?

It all dates back to the early decades of the VFL/AFL competition. Or, well, most decades of competition, really.

In their first 6 seasons St Kilda won 2 matches. View all match results from St Kilda.

Other than a few years where they won about 50% of their games, they continued to win games in the single digits for years.

Over the following decades, St Kilda fluctuated between 40 and 50% win rates, winning 1 or 2 matches a year. Finals years were usually followed by years languishing at the bottom of the table, beating Carlton, Collingwood and Essendon.

They couldn’t take a break. Even in their healthier years, St Kilda still lost by large margins to Carlton and the other big clubs.

Who beat St Kilda back in those single-digit winning years? Modern powerhouses like University and South Melbourne.

The 1940s and 1950s were a dead end for St Kilda. Then came the heady days of the 1960s under Allan Jeans.

The club was born again. Their greatest champions emerged. But the Blues still had the wood on the Saints.

St Kilda refused to turn back from the center of the table down. They did the unthinkable: They consistently moved up the ladder, culminating in beating Collingwood in the 1966 Grand Final… by one point.

St Kilda continued to play a few finals over the next few years but were knocked back from the cup each time.

Then came the 80s. Children sang songs in the schoolyard about how terrible St Kilda was at playing Australian rules football.

New teams entered the league in the 1990s. The AFL was born, a real* national league.

New teams! Teams that could beat the Saints! St Kilda heroes such as Winmar, Lockett, Hall and Harvey emerged.

But Carlton remained a 50/50 prospect at best.

At the start of Carlton’s lesser years in the early 2000s, St Kilda was still easy to beat against Carlton.

From 2003, St Kilda suddenly left Carlton in the dust, with finals and even Grand Final appearances. Winning more matches than any other side before sinking for years again, even beating Carlton.

This year? on round 16? We see the two clubs as top 8 teams facing each other, only a few wins separate them. It will be a competition for all ages and a chance for the Saints to make their way over the body of their nemesis, the Carlton football club.

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With both teams currently in the top 8 we could see a rematch in September and if they do make sure to book your AFL Finals tickets.