Ceaser Responds To VH1 Freeing Him From Black Ink For Animal Abuse

Where have we heard this one before?

Ceasar Emanuel press conference to tackle social media attacks

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Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Emmanuel is back in the spotlight and again, it’s for all the wrong reasons. VH1 announced its termination after a video of him allegedly abusing two dogs went viral. TMZ reports that Ceaser regrets his actions, but said he is being “tricked” by whoever leaked the footage of the incidents.

On Wednesday, a video surfaced showing Ceaser brutally handling his two dogs. In one clip, he repeatedly hit a dog with a folding chair. In another, he threw another dog several feet before locking him in a cage and pushing him down.

“We have made the decision to cut ties with Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Crew New York,” VH1 announced in a statement on Thursday. “Since next season production was almost finished, this decision will not affect the coming season.”

Ceaser responded to the comment, saying that someone maliciously leaked these images to frame him. He also said the violence was a misguided response to one of his dogs turning on him after breaking up a dangerous fight.

“I know the images everyone sees, it looks crazy. Even to me it looks crazy. I came home and my dogs attacked each other. I don’t mean like the regular game fights, they were going for each other’s necks, basically they were trying to kill each other,” Ceaser told TMZ.

Despite how awful the video looks, Ceaser says both dogs are “all healthy and well.” He gave a dog away to a friend to prevent future fights. It’s a little hard to believe his word when he seemed to victimize himself in this situation. According to Ceaser’s lawyer, the “ardent dog lover” here is not just the victim, but a misjudged hero.

“In some ways, what wasn’t shown in that video was he was protecting the smaller dogs, he probably wasn’t doing this in the best way so he’s seeking help and assistance to make sure as a dog owner he’s okay to deal with it.” and understand how to interact with all types of dogs and all of his dogs in a healthier way, but this is definitely a situation that he would have dealt with a long time ago,” Walter Mosley told People

Was he really set up? No one had Ceaser lash out, but it seems suspicious that someone had access to this footage. He confirmed to TMZ that in 2020 it came from his own security camera outside his Atlanta home.

Fans are both outraged at how he treated the dogs and that VH1 didn’t keep the same energy when he did accused of abusing his daughter, Cheyenne† Many exclaimed VH1’s quick response to animal cruelty after using child abuse in a storyline.

What about the fate of? Black Ink New York† VH1 already said it plans to continue filming this season and address the incident. Aside from coworkers who occasionally get together at the tattoo parlor, there seems to be a pattern of abuse among cast members. Both Donna Lombardy and Skye have also been accused of abuse.

It’s sad to see the groundbreaking series turn out this way.

Do you think VH1 should have fired Ceaser for animal cruelty?

Was it long ago after the child abuse allegations?