Center Tells SC It Must Be Heard Before Making An Agnipath Decision

The Center has filed a reservation with the Supreme Court, urging the court to “hear its side” before making a decision on the petitions challenging the military recruiting program ‘Agnipath’.

So far, three petitions have been filed with the Supreme Court against the ‘Agnipath’ plan, the center’s short-term recruitment plan for the armed forces. However, the caveat does not mention any means in particular.

Lawyer Harsh Ajay Singh on Monday petitioned the Supreme Court for directions to the center to reconsider his “Agnipath” recruitment plan. The petition also noted that the announcement of the settlement has sparked protests in several parts of the country.

Earlier, two separate petitions were filed by lawyers ML Sharma and Vishal Tiwari respectively against the plan.

Lawyer ML Sharma’s petition stated that the government has halted the age-old selection process for the armed forces, which is in violation of the constitution and without parliamentary approval.

Last week, attorney Vishal Tiwari, in his petition to the Supreme Court, urged the establishment of a commission to investigate the plan and its impact on national security and the military. It also requested a Supreme Court order to assemble a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the large-scale violence against the plan that led to the destruction of public property.

Protests erupted in several states after the center unveiled the ‘Agnipath’ scheme on June 14. Under the scheme, people between the ages of 17.5 and 21 will be recruited into the armed forces for a period of four years, followed by mandatory retirement for most without tip and retirement benefits.

The government later extended the maximum recruiting age to 23 in 2022 in an effort to appease the protesters.