Check in at Capri by Fraser, Brisbane / Australia – I stayed in Capri by Fraser, Brisbane. This small hotel certainly stands above its weight. I stayed there for just a weekend after not traveling for 2.5 years due to the pandemic. Great location, top hotel. Great value and very nice room. The bed was very comfortable and I had a wonderful night’s sleep. And the capital of Queensland, where life is super easy. Brisbane, a cosmopolitan hub for art, culture and restaurants, heavy on laid-back charm. If you love Stockholm, you will love Brisbane.

After exploring the city on the ferry. I grabbed 2 hours of deep tissue Thai massage. This is a combination of Thai basic acupressure techniques and aromatherapy to relax the neck, back and shoulders.

Then I went to eat at Mamak for Fried Chicken Fatty Rice and Roti Place for Salted Fish Fried Rice† These kinds of experiences make traveling so much fun. The perfect way to enjoy time away from my routine.

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