Chelsea continues the revolution of change .. and announces the departure of its legend Petr Cech . at

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Chelsea Football Club on Monday announced the departure of Peter Cech, the team’s technical adviser, on June 30.

Cech had been a technical advisor for three years since 2019 before his departure was announced, under the replacement and renewal plan of American Todd Pohli, the club’s new owner.

“Chelsea Football Club announces today that Petr Cech, technical and performance adviser, will leave his position with effect from June 30,” Chelsea FC said in an official statement.

“Since his appointment three years ago, Cech has advised and advised on all matters relating to football and performance within the club, strengthening the ties between the men’s teams and the academy.”

Petr Cech said: “It has been a great honor to play this role at Chelsea for the past three years and with the new owner of the club I think it is now time to step down.”

“I am delighted that the club is in an excellent position with the new owners and I am confident of its future success,” Cech continued.

Petr Cech is considered one of Chelsea’s goalkeeper legends. He played for the team from 2004 to 2015 and returned to the London club at the end of 2020, where he was included in the squad’s squad in addition to his work as a technical advisor.

Cech played 333 games with Chelsea, keeping a clean sheet in 162 games and winning the team with 15 titles, notably: English Premier League (4 times), European Champions League, European League, League Cup (3 times ), the Charity Shield (Twice).

Cech is the third to leave Chelsea after team boss Bruce Buck and chief executive Marina Garnovskaya left in recent days.