Chris Evans’ first attempt at using Buzz Lightyear’s voice was a ‘shameless’ impression of Tim Allen

Chris Evans opens up about voicing Buzz Lightyear in Disney/Pixar’s new movie, light year

The 40-year-old actor talked to the press about his first attempt at Buzz’s voice and how he got into it.

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Chris admits it wasn’t an easy task to match the character’s iconic voice as everyone is programmed to hear actor Tim Allen

“The first time you have to do that iconic line ‘To Infinity and Beyond…’ just make a shameless Tim Allen impression. It’s intimidating,” he shared. Variety

He went on to explain that director Angus MacClane supported his way of getting into the voice and helped find his groove as Buzz.

“Angus and everyone at Pixar worked together like that, and you kind of let them guide you.” Chris said, adding that “you eventually feel comfortable enough to make your own tracks in the snow and find your own interpretation, still using Tim Allen as a blueprint.”

light year hits theaters on June 17.

Earlier this year, Disney faced criticism for the film over a same-sex kiss.