Chris Evans on Lightyear’s Same-Sex Kiss and Trying to Sound Like Tim Allen

Chris Evans has been called up for service in Disney/Pixar’s new Toy Story spin-off light year† The animated film tells the origin story of the hero who inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy, voiced by Tim Allen in the four Toy Story movies. Mastering Buzz’s voice and delivering his most famous phrase – “to infinity and beyond” – was an “intimidating” task for Evans.

“I used Tim Allen as a guideline. He did such a good job and I’d be crazy not to recognize the work he did,” Evans said at the film’s world premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday. “But I couldn’t just make a shameless impression. I had to somehow create my own understanding of the character and try to make some new tracks in the snow while paying tribute to the great work he was doing. I’m comfortable enough to make my own interpretation, and part of that was lowering the pitch of my voice. I actually have to lower the register of my voice in everything I do.”

The change of actors was a conscious move, intended to create a contrast between Buzz from the Toy Story franchise and Buzz from light year† “Tim’s version of Buzz is a little goofier and a little dumber, so he’s the comedian. In this movie, Buzz is the action hero. He’s serious and ambitious and funny, but not in a crazy way that detracts from the drama,” he said. the director Angus MacLane† Chris Evans has the gravitas and that movie star quality our character needed to separate him and the movie from Tim’s version of the toy in Toy Story

light year, in theaters June 17, begins with a title card telling us that little boy Andy got a toy Buzz in 1995: “It was from his favorite movie. This is that movie.” The new film centers on Buzz and his crew trying to return to Earth after being stranded on a hostile planet while battling strange creatures and enemies, including Buzz’s nemesis Zurg (voiced by Josh Brolin

The film also features the first-ever same-sex kiss in a Pixar film, between Buzz’s old commander and best friend, Space Ranger Alisha Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba) and her wife. The historic moment takes place during an emotional montage in which the audience catches a glimpse of Alisha and her partner raising a family together and at one point greet each other with a kiss on the lips.

“It’s incredible, and hats off to Disney and Pixar that that kiss is part of this story,” Aduba said. “The kiss is a greeting and a loving gesture that is tender. It does establish who they are as people, but it is not the unique identifier for who one of them is. Seeing a loving gay couple in a meaningful way is important to everyone .”

The kiss was initially cut from the film, but recovered after LGBTQ staff at Pixar Animation Studios spoke out in an open letter last March claiming Disney executives had actively censored “openly gay affection” in their films. Reports showed that the company had donated about $200,000 to Republican politicians who supported Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which bans discussions about sexual orientation in elementary school classrooms.

“It’s great that it’s back in the movies,” said Evans, who has an openly gay brother. “I’m sorry it’s such a story. It should be more normalized, but I’m glad we’re taking those steps.”

Producer Galyn Susman said the gay couple in Lightyear was never meant to make headlines. “It’s important to show all the great people around us and represent everyone, including same-sex couples, in our film,” said Susman, who has been with Pixar since 1990. “The representation is huge for us, and we want to connect with as many people as possible. Alisha and her wife have a relationship that lasts a lifetime. We don’t have enough movies showing relationships that last a lifetime, and that’s ambitious .”