Chris Hemsworth kept modesty with a sock during the Thor nude scene – Socialite Life

Chris Hemsworth used a sock to keep his modesty during his Thor nude scene.

The actor undresses in a daring segment for the new superhero movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and he has now revealed that he uncovered almost everything on set except for a small piece of clothing he used to cover most of his blushes. save.

During an appearance on US TV show ‘The Project’ on Monday (26.06.22), Chris was asked if he had been given a “modest piece of clothing” for the scene and he replied, “A sock. Just a sock.”

The actor was interviewed along with director Taika Waititi and co-star Russell Crowe, and the star joked that the two men joined him on set as they undressed.

He said of Russell: “He’s doing an amazing thing where he’s also naked from the waist down. That made me feel at ease.”

Taika added: “On the set we have an agreement. I was naked too,” Chris said, “Taika took his pants off.”

The director also joked that Chris didn’t understand the modest sock and instead wore it on his ear, adding: “He wears a sock on one ear. That’s his thing. He thinks it’s a distraction.”

Chris embarked on a grueling health and fitness regimen to get in shape for the role in the latest Thor sequel, saying the nude scene was over a decade in the making.

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He told Entertainment Tonight: “I mean, it was sort of 10, 11 years in the making, that shot. “We’ve taken off a different piece of clothing in every movie, and now we’ve kind of taken it all off.”

He added to Variety, “Well, I had (my butt) out in (2013 movie) Rush many years ago, but in a Marvel movie it was a really big screen, it was a really big pair of cheeks.”