Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Spiderhead’ Is Now Streaming

Watch out for Thor: Love and Thunder† Technically that’s Chris Hemsworth’s second blockbuster this summer. And the first is already available for streaming.

The other title is spider heada new thriller directed by Joseph Kosinski — who also has two big movies this summer. (His other is a little indie action shot you may have heard called Top Gun: Maverick.In this film, Hemsworth stars as the head of a mysterious prison where the inmates — including Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett — willingly subject themselves to experiments in which they are injected with drugs that alter their perception of reality. What could go wrong?

Well, for starters, the critics’ reviews. at Rotten Tomatoes, spider head currently has a 52 percent rating. On Metacritic, it’s number 55, indicating generally mixed reviews. At one end of the spectrum, Collider called the film “delightfully bizarre and disturbing.” On the other hand, Richard Roeper described it as a thriller with “idiocy in his veins.” In other words, spider head attracts much less positive messages than Kosinski .’s Top Gun: Maverick.

Here’s the official synopsis of the movie:

In a state-of-the-art prison run by the brilliant visionary Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), inmates wear a surgically attached device that delivers doses of mind-altering drugs in exchange for commuted sentences. There are no bars, no cells or orange jumpsuits. In Spiderhead, inmate volunteers are free to be themselves. Until they aren’t. Sometimes they are a better version. Need lighting up? There’s a medicine for that. Short of words? There is also a medicine for that. But when two subjects, Jeff (Miles Teller) and Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett), bond, their path to redemption takes a more twisty turn as Abnesti’s experiments begin to push the boundaries of free will.

spider head streaming on Netflix now. The direct link to the film can be found here.

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