Christian Wilkins’ perfect response to Twitter troll who said Logies dress was ‘not normal’

Christian Wilkins has hit back at an online troll who criticized his Logies red carpet outfit.

An anonymous user tweeted earlier this week that “it’s not normal” for men to wear women’s clothes, adding: “STOP normalizing these bulls–t!!!” They added three photos of Wilkins on the red carpet wearing a white backless dress.

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Wilkins, 26, responded sarcastically to the tweet: “What is happening to the world!!!! Manhood is coming to an end!!! Burn everything!!”

Christian Wilkins at the Lodge of 2022
Christian Wilkins made a statement at the 2022 Logies (Getty)

Wilkins elaborated on his response in an email to 9Honey. “All I can say is that I am amazed at how vulnerable the patriarchy is that it can be threatened by a piece of silk,” he said.

“I loved my outfit and felt great wearing it, especially during Pride Month,” he continued.

“I hope all young gays see that there is an amazing network of support and love.”

Most reactions to Wilkins’ choice of the red carpet were positive, with many praising him for wearing something different from the standard tux most men wear to the event.

Many fans rushed to defend him when he tweeted in response to the troll.

“She’s so mad that you’re prettier than her and can take off a dress she absolutely couldn’t… jealous IS a disease,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I think you are a fantastic role model,” added another.

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