Cristiano Ronaldo: US judge dismisses rape case against Portuguese star


Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2022 – 4:40 | Last update: Sunday, June 12, 2022 – 04:41

A US judge in the US city of Las Vegas has dismissed a rape case brought by a woman against Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, criticizing the legal team behind the complaint.
The judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by American Kathryn Mayorga against Ronaldo, in which she alleges that the 37-year-old Manchester United player raped her in a hotel room in Las Vegas in 2009.
Ronaldo had previously paid the woman about $375,000 to silence her and drop the rape case, but she returned to file a lawsuit, demanding £20.2 million in damages over allegations that Ronaldo whether its partners have violated the secret agreement signed in 2010 by allowing reports of her to appear in the European media in the year 2017.

Ronaldo’s legal team attributes this to the electronic data breach of hacked documents from law firms and other entities in Europe and put up for sale.

The team also claimed that the information was altered or made up.
The ruling, consisting of 42 pages, was announced on Friday. The judge accused the plaintiff’s attorney of committing “violations and blatant misrepresentation of due process procedures and obtaining procedural documents”.
“Mayorga is losing her chance to pursue this case,” the judge said.
She added that “Ronaldo has been wronged by the conduct of the prosecution’s lawyer and her purchase and use of documents in bad faith, which is an injustice to Ronaldo.”
The plaintiff’s attorney did not comment on the ruling, but the decision is subject to appeal in the United States Ninth Court of Appeals in San Francisco.
The US prosecutor had dismissed allegations of sexual assault against Ronaldo in July 2019, saying the allegations “cannot be proven beyond a doubt”.
The Clark County District Attorney’s office said the victim reported the assault in 2009, when she was 25, but declined to say where or who the attacker was. As a result, the police were “not able to conduct a serious investigation”.
In August 2018, the Las Vegas Police Department re-examined the alleged allegations at the victim’s request.
But the 2019 prosecutors’ statement added that “based on a review of the information at this time, allegations of assault against Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be substantiated beyond reasonable doubt. Therefore, no charges will be brought against him.”