Crossbench rage as prime minister takes down most of their parliamentary staff

Anthony Albanese has started a war with crossbench MPs and Senators by cutting the rights of their parliamentary staff by three-quarters.

The Prime Minister has sent a letter to the cross-benchers informing them that in addition to their four electoral staff, they will only be entitled to one parliamentary staff member.

In the last parliament, cross-bench MPs and senators were entitled to four parliamentary assistants.

Crossbench MPs and Senators are outraged, viewing the cuts in staffing levels as a political maneuver to thwart them.

“It’s a dog act,” a crossbencher told the ABC.

The Prime Minister has advised cross-benchers that they can instead use the Parliamentary Library for Research or the Senate Clerk’s Office for advice on parliamentary procedure.

“My government plans to increase the resources for the Parliamentary Library to reflect the supportive role it provides to MPs, especially those sitting on the sidelines,” said Mr Albanese’s letter.

“The Ministry of Finance provides the necessary administrative support for the employment of your personal employee.”

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