Crystal Kung Minkoff Claims Sutton Stracke Said Something Horrible: What Was It?

Last month, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members and fans went nuts over Sutton Stracke.

As has been said on social media, Sluttons (Sutton fans) are in a tough position this season as they see her getting on just about everyone’s bad side.

More recently, Crystal Kung Minkoff hinted at something “dark” Sutton had said, but declined to specify.

Does Crystal try to protect Sutton by not revealing it… or do more damage by holding it back? What is it actually about?

Crystal Kung Minkoff Discusses Red Flags

According to Crystal, Sutton said something very “dark” when they first met.

Garcelle had raised the possibility (albeit indirectly) that Crystal deliberately set up Sutton for their first on-camera interaction.

But Crystal put forward this alleged statement by Sutton as a form of self-defense.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Compares Notes To Lisa Rinna

“When you and Sutton had your thing, I felt like whatever she said — she could have said the sky is blue — you’d say, ‘Are you that girl?’” Garcelle theorized.

She continued, “because I just felt like it was on purpose,”

This is when Crystal revealed, “A lot more was said, before that it was very dark.”

Sutton Stracke seems self-centered

The ladies were surprised and Erika looked very shocked.

Interestingly, Kyle was there during what Sutton reportedly said, but apparently didn’t remember.

Crystal said this could be because Kyle was drunk at the time. However, she did not want to go into details.

Crystal Kung Minkoff and Dorit Kemsley at the Reunion, Part 2

A few days later, Kyle Sutton very directly asked how she and Crystal were doing.

Sutton thought everything was going well, so Kyle shared Crystal’s hints about a “dark” interaction.

“Well, I wouldn’t say anything terrible,” Sutton insisted. Garcelle told her that, according to Crystal, hearing them could change their dynamics.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Talks To Her Castmates

In the end, Crystal was basically forced to deal with it.

This time she would only say that Sutton’s comment had been “problematic.”

Kyle, meanwhile, claimed she remembers the conversation, but didn’t remember anything bad…while Crystal replied that Kyle might not have noticed it the way Garcelle would.

Sheree Zampino, Crystal Kung Minkoff and Diana Jenkins

Garcelle wanted to know what it was, but Crystal didn’t want to dive in.

All she would specify was that it’s “forgivable,” which admittedly limits things somewhat.

Kyle worries they won’t be able to move on until it’s addressed, but Sutton is fine with them moving on without saying anything out loud.

Garcelle Beauvais Watches Crystal Kung Minkoff

Kyle rightly noted that Crystal’s vagueness makes people assume the worst… although, again, even Sutton doesn’t want details.

Meanwhile, Erika suggested that if it’s as bad as Crystal suggests, maybe it shouldn’t come up at all.

All in all, that’s an understandable perspective from Erika at this point in her life.

Crystal Kung Minkoff takes a seat at the table

We don’t know what Crystal is talking about.

It’s still up in the air if Kyle really remembers it, or if she just “thrown it out” because of drinking — or privilege — as Crystal claims.

This seems messy and resembles the kind of thing that will blow up on multiple people. But at the same time, we prefer to know the truth.