Curley “The King of Speed” – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Eugene (AFP)

American Fred Curley won the 100 meters gold at the 18th World Championships in Athletics in his country, notably Eugene, in an American triple for the third time in the championship’s history.
Curley finished the race in 9.86 seconds, ahead of his compatriots Marvin Bracey and Trayvon Brommel, who finished 9.88 seconds together, and their compatriot Christian Coleman, the defending champion in Doha 2019, finished sixth with a time of 10 .01 seconds.
Many pundits laughed when Curley decided to move from the 400m to the 100m last year, but the tall, muscular American proved right by claiming silver at the Tokyo Olympics and followed with the world title.
Curley had a remarkable run in the 400m in which he won the local title twice, the bronze of the 2019 Doha World Cup and the gold and silver of the 4 by 400m relay.
Curley ran 7 races this year for the World Championship, all under 10 seconds, the last of which was during the American trials on June 24 at Hayward Stadium in Eugene. Within two hours he achieved a personal best of 9.76 seconds in the semifinals and 9.77 seconds in the final.
Curley is one of only three men, along with compatriot Michael Norman and South African Wade van Niekerk, to fall under 10 seconds in the 100m, 20 seconds in the 200m and 44 seconds in the 400m.
It is the third consecutive title for the United States in the 100 meters, after Justin Gatlin in London in 2017 and Coleman in Doha 2019, and repeats her feat for the third time, after the first between 1983 and 1991 and the second between 1997 and 1997. 2001.
It is also the third time the United States has won the race’s three medals after 1983 (Carl Lewis, Calvin Smith and Emmett King) and 1991 (Carl Lewis, Leroy Borrell and Dennis Mitchell).
And the United States confirmed it regained control of the world title in the race in the last two editions, after Jamaica toppled it four consecutive editions, led by “Hurricane” Usain Bolt (2009, 2013 and 2015), and Yohan Blake. (2011).
The United States is the most crowned world title in the 100m race, winning 11 out of 18, and only 7 escaping it, including 4 for Jamaica and once for Great Britain (Linford Christie), Canada (Donovan Bailey), and Saint Kitts and Nevis, Kim Collins.