Darren Bailey Gets Long-Sought Trump Approval In GOP Race For Governor

Calling Darren Bailey “the man to take it on and beat one of the worst governors in America,” former President Donald Trump approved Saturday in the GOP gubernatorial primary race — a boost in the waning days of what was a heated and expensive game.

“Darren is a fearless supporter of the Second Amendment and a tireless champion of religious freedom,” Trump said at a Save America rally in Mendon. “He will crack down on the violent crime that is devouring our Democrat-run cities and restoring the state of Illinois to greatness. Darren has my full support.”

Bailey briefly took the stage — and grabbed a photo opp — and expressed support for a 2024 Trump presidential run.

“I promised President Trump that Illinois will roll out the red carpet for him in 2024 because Illinois will be ready for President Trump,” said Bailey, a state senator from Xenia, cheering.

Trump’s rally in Illinois was intended to boost U.S. Representative Mary Miller, a Trump loyalist and member of the House Freedom Caucus he supported in January.

Miller will take on U.S. Representative Rodney Davis in the newly elected 15th congressional district, pitting two Republicans against each other after a Democrat-led reshuffle process. Trump frames the race as MAGA vs. RINO, Republican In Name Only, as Davis proposed an independent committee to investigate Jan. 6.

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