Deaths in San Antonio trailer – latest updates: 46 bodies found in Texas in possible smuggling, as Governor Biden blames

<p> In this aerial photo, members of the police investigate a tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas, on June 27, 2022.  At least 46 people, believed to be migrant workers from Mexico, are reported to have been found dead in an abandoned tractor trailer.</p>
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In this aerial photo, law enforcement officers examine a tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas, on June 27, 2022. At least 46 people, believed to be migrant workers from Mexico, are reported to have been found dead in an abandoned tractor trailer.

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At least 46 dead bodies were found Monday night in the tractor-trailer of a truck in San Antonio, Texas, in what authorities say is a shocking example of cross-border migrant trade gone wrong.

Another 16 people, including four children, were taken to local hospitals under varying conditions, officials said.

San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg called the incident a “horrific human tragedy” in comments Monday night.

“There are, as far as we know, 46 individuals who are no longer with us, who had families, who were probably trying to find a better life. And we have 16 people fighting for their lives in the hospital. Our focus at the moment is to try to help them as best we can. But this is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy,” he said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blames the tragedy on the Biden administrationclaiming that “open borders” led to the horrific scene.

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating the incident.


Tractor trailer deaths occurred at ‘delivery spot’ for migrants, locals say

According to Ruby Chavez, who lives nearby, the part of San Antonio where the tractor-trailer tragedy was discovered was a known “drop-off” for migrants.

Josh MarcusJune 28, 2022 03:57


Tragedy in San Antonio recalls 2017 incident that killed 10 people

Texas officials note Monday’s suspected human trafficking catastrophe is similar to a 2017 incident in San Antonio.

Ten people died after being transported in the back of a blistering tractor-trailer carrying up to 100 suspected unauthorized migrants.

Here is Narjas Zatatreport from that time.

Josh MarcusJune 28, 2022 03:47


Some Helpful Context on the Texas Governor’s Claim that Biden is Responsible for San Antonio

Officials have not fully confirmed that those in the tractor-trailer discovered Monday full of bodies were migrants, but that didn’t stop Texas Governor Greg Abbott from attributing the tragedy to Joe Biden’s “open border” policy. .

However, as reporter Dara Lind points out, it is the Texas government that has, in fact, largely contributed to the closing of the border under Biden, driving migrants to unofficial methods of crossing the road.

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WATCH: San Antonio officials describe ‘human tragedy’ in press conference

Texas police and fire officials addressed the public Monday night after 46 dead bodies were found in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio tonight.

“We have 16 people fighting for their lives in the hospital,” said San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “Our focus at the moment is to try and help them as best we can. This is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy.”

You can view their full comments here, via the San Antonio Police Department’s Facebook page.

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ICE to investigate human smuggling tragedy in San Antonio

The Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Investigations team will lead the investigation into today’s tragedy in San Antonio.

The unit is a division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Officials have yet to officially confirm that the people in the truck were migrants, although it is suspected that this is the case.

Josh MarcusJune 28, 2022 03:23


46 dead, 16 injured in truck crash, including four children

Officials have provided a grim update on the death toll from the tractor-trailer found Monday filled with bodies in San Antonio.

They confirmed 46 people were dead, and another 16 were taken to hospitals with heat-related injuries, including four children.

“We’re not supposed to open a truck and see piles of bodies in there,” said Charles Hood, the San Antonio fire chief.

Three people have been detained, although they have not been named as suspects, officials said.

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San Antonio Police Now Speaking Publicly

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Texas Governor Blames Joe Biden for Tractor Disaster

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blames Joe Biden’s border policies on the more than 40 likely migrants found dead in a tractor-trailer near San Antonio on Monday.

“These deaths are on Biden,” Abbott said in a statement Monday. “They are the result of his deadly open borders policy. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.”

Far from maintaining open borders, the Biden administration has retained many of Donald Trump’s strictest immigration policies.

Josh MarcusJune 28, 2022 03:11 am


Breaking news: At least 40 migrants found dead in tractor-trailer near San Antonio

More than 40 people have been found dead in a tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas, according to a report by KSAT News, citing “multiple police sources”. Initial reports suggested the victims were migrants.

The local news station said police blocked a road Monday night and surrounded an 18-wheeler that had been abandoned next to the track in a remote area southwest of the city. Images posted online showed U.S. Border Patrol, police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances on the scene.

More than 12 others were found alive and taken to local hospitals New York Times reported, citing local officials.

Richard Hall follows this breaking news story.

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Catholic archbishop in San Antonio laments tragedy so soon after Uvalde

It was one tragedy after another in Texas, with the current potential example of human trafficking in San Antonio, not long after the historic Uvalde mass shooting.

“There are about 46 migrants dead in San Antonio. Our prayers are with You, Lord for their souls,” the Archbishop of San Antonio wrote in a statement Monday. “Lord, have mercy on them. They hoped for a better life. Lord na Uvalde and now this, help us! We need you! So many people suffering. God, God, God.”

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