Delacon integrates call tracking into Google Ads

Michael Center, CEO at Delacon.

Australian digital marketing company Delacon is the first in Asia-Pacific to integrate its call-tracking solution into Google Ads.

Delacon now appears in Google Ads accounts and provides natively integrated call tracking data to its customers and others who want to include and monitor call extensions to better understand the effectiveness of search campaigns.

The integration of Delacon’s call-tracking technology and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature – which captures the phone menu options pressed by a caller – provides a more granular layer of call attribution data.

When a customer calls directly from a Google ad, marketers can see which keyword phrases, ads, and campaigns drove engagement, all reported in real time.

Michael Center, CEO of Delacon, said: “Previously, marketers had to specify which phone number belonged to which campaign to track calls made directly from a campaign ad. As long as a phone number is associated with a Google ad, tracking data can of calls now provide added value for businesses.

“This integration increases call tracking accuracy and provides greater visibility into cost-per-lead and cost-per-acquisition calculations, which in turn improves campaign optimization and provides a higher return on investment.”

Headquartered in Sydney, Delacon uses call analytics to accurately measure each call and assign it to a marketing channel, optimizing marketing campaigns and improving sales performance.

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