Denver Nuggets honor their Serbian star with this historic move

Jokic made NBA history (Aaron Onteiros/Getty)

The Denver Nuggets, active in the NBA, decided to award their Serbian player Nikola Jokic the best contract in American League history.

And the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported on Friday that the player has extended his contract for the next five years and that he will receive a fantastic sum of 264 million euros.

The extension of the Serbian player’s contract was not surprising, especially when asked about the issue of contract extension earlier, he replied: “Of course I will agree, because I love this club, the people who work here, my relationship is good with everyone from the owner to whoever manages the equipment.” †

Remarkably, last May, Jokic was named the league’s best player for the second year in a row, despite his team’s playoff defeat to champions Golden State Warriors.

Nickola, nicknamed “The Joker”, had a stellar season last season as his average points per game reached 27.1 points, with a 58.3% success rate, in addition to his 13.8 follow-up follow-up rate, with an average of 7.9 assists, in All face.