Disney’s Baymax! Sparks outrage among conservatives for portraying trans men buying period products


Conservatives are losing their minds again Disney that includes LGBTQIA+ representation.

Earlier this week, the right-wing writer wrote Christopher T. Rufo revealed that he had “obtained leaked videos” of an episode of Baymax! (a new spin-off series on Disney+ based on ‘s beloved robot Great Hero 6) featuring a transmale character who was shopping in the tampon aisle. And of course, the leaked scene, which lasts less than a minute, immediately sparked outrage among conservatives Twitter

The scene in question takes place in the third episode when a 12-year-old girl named Sofia goes to the all-gender restroom and discovers that she had her first period just before she was due to perform at the school talent show. In a panic, she yells at Baymax:

“I was not prepared for this! And the dispenser is empty! And I don’t even have anything! A tampad. A pad-pon. A maxi pad pon with wings?”

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Baymax, a healthcare specialist, goes to the supermarket to get the necessary menstrual products for the youngster. While in the store, he seeks advice from several buyers on which path options to choose, including from a transgender man seen wearing a shirt with the transgender pride flag. The character says:

“I always get the ones with wings.”

This is a huge and important moment! Not only is it rare for networks and streaming services to even show sexual health such as menstruation in a series, let alone children’s shows, but Baymax! has stepped it up by showing that many people menstruate — and not just cisgender women.

And while many people on social media liked this representation of Disney, there were of course conservatives and transphobic trolls who criticized the company for imposing a “wake up” agenda on children. As Christopher tweeted, he found that the show was “part of Disney’s plan to reshape the discourse around children and sexuality”. Texan State Rep. Bryan Slaton also wrote:

“This is so sick and weird. We have to protect children from the sick adults who want to sexualize them and let them be children.”

A social media user simply replied to Christopher saving their kids would feel “uncomfortable” discussing one’s periods in general, writing:

“People read this and tell me I’m a bad parent because my 15 [year-old] boy doesn’t like talking about a woman’s cycle like it would be a badge of honor for me if he did. Sorry? Have you met 15 years? Mine talks about computers, politics, food and memes. And paintball. I love it.”

What the f**k. Seriously?!

However, many fans soon took to social media to defend the show, praising it for having LGBTQIA+ representation and openly discussing periods. See the comments (below):

“Saying that periods are about sexuality is what sexualizes children. It’s a bodily function, and we should talk about it more and be less ashamed of it.”

“I have to shut up because this clip makes me so happy. The subject is not talked about and substitute words are used, there is a father who is not ashamed to help his daughter, the trans character is comfortable, everyone is supportive. More of this please”

“wait, why is this shocking?? didnt tadashi make baymax to be a care robot? why are they mad about periods”

“Why are you angry that the care robot is talking about health. He literally does his job”

The trans community is now ride or die for Baymaxour inflatable ally.

“This is great! It’s sooo cool to see a show talking openly about menstruation and how everyone is so positive about it! Baymax works in health and it’s good that he’s learning this! It’s great to see too that a trans man is being recorded! This video makes me happy!”

We can’t say it enough, but this is such an important moment for trans representation and normalizing education about menstruation. Reactions to the scene, Perezcious readers? Let us know.

[Image via Baymax!/Disney+]