Donald Trump opposes daughter Ivanka’s testimony on January 6

Former US President Donald Trump has hit back at his daughter Ivanka’s testimony on Jan. 6, suggesting she does not understand elections.

Former President Donald Trump Friday dismissed his own daughter’s testimony to the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, after some of her comments were played by the panel during a prime-time hearing.

“Ivanka Trump was not involved in viewing or studying the election results,” Trump posted on his social media platform Truth Social.

“She had long since checked out and, in my opinion, was just trying to be respectful of Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General (he was bad!).

The post came just hours after commissioner Liz Cheney played a small portion of her testimony before lawmakers and the general public watching the hearing, the New York Post reports.

“Many President Trump White House staff also acknowledged that the evidence did not support President Trump’s claims,” Cheney said.

“This is the president’s daughter commenting on Bill Barr’s statement that the… [Justice] Department found no fraud sufficient to nullify the election.”

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The clip showed interviewers asking Ivanka Trump how Barr’s statement affected her view of the election.

“It affected my perspective,” Ivanka Trump said. “I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accept what he said.”

More clips of Ivanka’s testimony are expected to be released during other committee hearings in the coming weeks.

The 45th president’s social media post was one of several hits during Thursday night’s prime-time hearing.

“So the Unselect Committee of Political HACKS refuses to play any of the many positive witnesses and statements, refuses to talk about the electoral fraud and irregularities that took place on a massive scale, and decided to use a Fake News ABC documentary film maker. for only negative images,” Trump posted. “Our country is in such a problem!”

In particular, he also criticized Barr, who in December 2020 said the Justice Department had “not seen fraud on a scale that could have influenced a different outcome of the election”.

In March of this year, the former attorney general revealed that Trump was furious at the outcome, calling it “bulls – t” and calling Barr a “coward.”

The former president did not hold back on his criticism of Barr on Friday, calling him “weak and scared.”

“Bill Barr was a weak and scared Attorney General who was always ‘played’ and threatened by the Democrats and terrified of being impeached,” Trump wrote.

“How do you not get dropped off? Don’t, or say nothing, especially about the obviously RIGGED & STOLEN Elections or, to put it another way, THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY! The Democrats slammed Barr, he was stupid, said ridiculously that there was no problem with the election, and they left him alone. It worked for him, but not for our country!”

† Bill Barr was a coward who wouldn’t even let his U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia, where voter fraud is rampant, even think about looking at it (see previously posted letter from U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain),” Trump added.

“I believe that because of their passivity, others have been told this too!”

Ultimately, the 45th president said he spoke to “a lot of people” about the election results and remains steadfast in his claim that it was “rigged and stolen.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

Originally published when Donald Trump criticized daughter Ivanka’s testimony on January 6

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