Douglas Costa Heading Back to the Galaxy Series – Press Enterprise

Douglas Costa’s first season in Major League Soccer has not gone according to plan. Not for him, not for the Galaxy.

Costa has played in 12 games, played 733 minutes with just two goals, and hasn’t been on the field since May 22.

With the club back in action against Minnesota United FC on Wednesday night, the Galaxy hopes the Brazilian midfielder is ready to resume his season.

“We need him to get fit and influence the game and the team, that would almost be a new signing,” said Galaxy coach Greg Vanney. “We haven’t had him constantly.”

Several leg injuries have kept Costa off the field, from quadriceps to hamstring injuries.

“We took two steps back to manage some of the shortcomings, strengths and mobility deficits that have left him vulnerable to hamstring problems, so I think the guys on the medical team did a really good job working with some specialists to balance him,” said Vanney. “When I look at him now, he moves differently, that’s positive.”

Costa had an opportunity to return against San Jose on Saturday, but with that game being postponed, he was able to fully participate in training again and be available against the Loons.

“The last injury he had was a very minor hamstring injury, but it was the second time he had it. For us, it’s stepping back and trying to figure out why this keeps happening,” said Vanney. “When he had a broken foot, he had some mobility, some flexibility and strength in one of his ankles, which then caused a deficit in the opposite hamstring, so then you have to fix the ankle problem, get the flexibility and get mobility back and strengthen the ankle.” hamstring on that side so that it is not vulnerable.

“Now when I see him move, he moves more smoothly where it used to be a little compensation, a little slack, now he moves more efficiently.”

Vanney said they also used this break to increase Costa’s fitness level.

“To make sure he doesn’t get fit during games, he gets fit on the training ground,” said Vanney. “Now we’re ready to get him involved again.

“You can train a lot, fitness, running and all that kind of stuff, but at the end of the day you have to join in and compete, run 120 meters, both sides of the ball. We want to build it in smartly and not necessarily take it out throw.”

Schedule interruption

The Galaxy was scheduled to travel north on Friday for a Saturday game against San Jose, but the game was canceled due to a power outage at Stanford University.

The Galaxy was given a day off on Friday and returned to training on Saturday. Excluding the international break, this will be the first time the Galaxy has had more than a week off since April 30 – May 8.

“I think the cancellation has helped us a little bit, given some of the guys more time to come back and prepare and obviously give us more time to prepare for Minnesota,” said Galaxy defender Raheem Edwards. “Helping us get our thoughts and the way we want to play simpler.”

Transfer period

The MLS secondary transfer window opens July 7, and Vanney said the Galaxy is looking for two moves.

“Our goal is to have someone in the very early stages of the window who can help the team,” Vanney said Monday. “We are reviewing a possible second step along the way and see what options are available.