Dubious Rumor Said Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly Facing Money Troubles After The Show’s Cancellation Last Year

did Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossic struggle after the cancellation of the comedian’s talk show? Twelve months ago, a report said the two were constantly fighting over money problems following the end of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now that her talk show has come to an end, DeGeneres and de Rossi should have come to a head long ago. Let’s look back at the story to see what really happened.

Miserable couple has miserable fight

Per women’s Day“DeGeneres looked tense in Montecito because she and de Rossi couldn’t pay the bills. A source said the end of the Ellen DeGeneres Show spelled the end of prosperity for the couple: “This was her show and her downfall, so by the time the team paid out, there was nothing left for Ellen.” The two apparently owned a lot of money, but very little in hand, causing them to panic and fly at each other’s throats.

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We openly laughed at this story, as it provided one of the weakest pieces of evidence on record. DeGeneres was spotted looking stern as de Rossi held a phone in her hand. The outlet used the caption, “Call the lawyers?” It didn’t even seem like the phone was on, let alone call a lawyer for money problems.

This story was cut short because it was ridiculous. DeGeneres was worth $370 million when this story came out. She has enough money to lose millions every year for a century. The end of Ellen is the end of an era, but would not end its prosperity.

Is Ellen DeGeneres Broke?

Since this story came out, Ellen DeGeneres has made $10 million, so according to Forbes, she has up to $380 million. She and Portia de Rossi didn’t break up when the show ended, so we were right to debunk this story.

When the Ellen DeGeneres Show came to an end, De Rossi sat tearfully in the front row. They are clearly as strong as they have ever been. DeGeneres and de Rossi are hanging in Rwanda as they always intended. They share a gorilla sanctuary there. With the cash to both fund a sanctuary and fly, there are just more signs that DeGeneres isn’t tied to cash.

A degenerate source of news

women’s Day would love nothing more than for DeGeneres and de Rossi to break up. In 2018, it promised that De Rossi would get a divorce. Since then, it’s trotted out a different ridiculous reason every few months, yet DeGeneres and de Rossi are still together. women’s Day is not a valid source for information about this or really a few.