Emirates News Agency – Rybakina’s win at Wimbledon crowns ‘ascension journey’ hampered by the pandemic

LONDON, July 10 / WAM / Elena Rybakina’s victory in Kazakhstan’s English Open title (Wimbledon) may have seemed like one of the big surprises in this edition of the tournament, but the continuation of Rybakina’s career with the game over the years confirms that her victory in one of the major titles was only a matter of time.

Rybakina, 23rd in the world rankings, crowned the 135th edition of Wimbledon with a precious 3-6, 6-2, 6-2 victory over Tunisian second-seeded Anas Jabeur and third in the tournament.

With this win, Rybakina crowned her battle-packed career in the matches of this tournament, successfully translating the story of her rise and progress in the tennis world over the past few years, which, like the rest of the players and players, were affected. by the Corona pandemic, as it messed up the calendar of tournaments and the preparations of athletes in 2020 and 2021.

Rybakina started her career in 2020 with two fantastic months of participation in the tournaments she played when she was only 20 years old.

Rybakina won the Hobart International Championship, her second in her career, and reached the finals in the tournaments of Shenzhen, St. Petersburg and Dubai, taking 19 wins against 4 losses in the tournaments she fought at the start of that year, according to the WTA.

Then the pandemic hit the stability of the tournaments and robbed players and players in various sports of proper training, in addition to the injury Rybakina sustained after such a strong start in 2020, which prevented her from training for two and a half months.

In 2021, Rybakina made remarkable progress in her level after the crisis of 2020, reaching the quarter-finals at the French Open (Roland Garros), then the semi-finals at Wimbledon and winning bronze at the Tokyo Olympics.

Rybakina yesterday crowned her fine level in the 2022 Wimbledon title, making her the first woman from Kazakhstan to win a grand slam title, and she is the youngest player to win the Wimbledon title since Czech Petra Kvitova won the title. in 2011 and the fourth youngest grand slam champion among the players. They have been active in the tennis world so far after Emma Radocano, 19, Iga Shwatek, 21, and Bianca Andreescu, 22.

Rybakina presented a very impressive career over two weeks at Wimbledon and confirmed that she has the physical and mental condition that qualify her to be among the elite players in the world of the game.

Each of her first three matches in the tournament witnessed a tiebreak, and her quarterfinal match saw a decisive third group, and her semifinal match was not an easy one at all against Romanian 16th-seeded Simona Halep.

Rybakina passed all these tests until she reached the final against 27-year-old Tunisian Anas Jaber, to face strong nominations for the Tunisian league with a wonderful career in 2021 and 2022, but she also overcame this nervous pressure and stormed the dreams of the Tunisian star, who also fought her first final in tournaments, the Big Four “Grand Slam”.

Rybakina won yesterday to become Anas Jaber’s first defeat after 11 consecutive wins. Rybakina also became the first player since 2006 to win the Wimbledon title after losing a set in the final.