Emirates News Agency – “Warriors” awarded the NBA title… a story about battling criticism and injury

Washington, June 18 / WAM / Just two seasons ago, the Golden State Warriors team presented its worst NBA championship record by taking just 15 wins against 50 defeats, but the team managed to make up for the failure of two consecutive seasons and was crowned the league title in the last season 2021/2022.

And in the 2019/2020 season, the Warriors took two things with injuries in their ranks, causing the team to experience its worst season ever.

The star of the great team, Kevin Durant, left the Warriors ranks for the Brooklyn Nets, while this season also marked the start of two consecutive seasons in which the star of the team, Klay Thompson, suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon.

The team’s situation deteriorated with the injury of their brilliant star Stephen Kerry in the fourth game of the season which saw him absent for several months after being destined to miss just 3 months. †

In the ensuing 2020/2021 season, luck remained stubborn for the team despite the magnificent performance of Stephen Kerry, who crowned his efforts with the best scorer in the league for that season.

The “Warriors” were close to trailing qualifying for the final rounds of the tournament, but fell into the qualifying playoffs, in light of Thompson’s continued absence and Kerry’s survival only in the face of competitors due to the fact that that the rest of the players didn’t have the same mind as Kerry.

But the situation changed a lot in the 2021/2022 season, when the “Warriors” regained their luster with the return of Thompson last January and his brilliance alongside Kerry and the young player Andrew Wiggins, as well as the brilliant star Draymond Green, where the quartet along with the rest of the team’s players managed to respond to all the critics.

With the brilliance of this quartet, the Warriors successfully endured last season, with a team win rate of 64.6% where the team won 53 games and lost just 29 over the season. It also scored 111.9 points in matches.

In the closing rounds, the Warriors, third in the Western Group, continued their epic road to the title by beating sixth-seeded Denver Nuggets 4-1, then second-seeded Memphis Grezzers 4-2 and fourth-seeded Dallas Mavericks 4-1 to meet in the championship final with the Boston Celtics, who finished second in the East group, who won the decisive round title in this group.

In the final round, the two teams traded wins in the first three games in this clash, where the first three games witnessed two wins for the Celtics against one for the Warriors, but the latter went on to win in three consecutive games, including two games. at Celtics Stadium, to decide the final and the title in his favor.

The “Warriors” crowned their seventh title in the tournament with a precious 103–90 victory over their host Celtics, in game six, and the two teams did not have to play a seventh playoff in the tournament.

The title is the Warriors’ fourth in the last 8 seasons, and it is the team’s seventh in NBA history.

The “Warriors” confirmed his influence in recent years, as he also won the title in 2015, 2017 and 2018, and recaptured the title in 2022.

And the “Warriors” crowned with this title the story of his struggle in defying the criticism he received in the previous two seasons.