Erika and Rinna from RHOBH react to PK Kemsley who LVP . calls

RHOBH's Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna respond to PK Kemsley calling out LVP amid party drama, see their posts

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast weighs in on lingering tension between the Kemsleys and Lisa Vanderpump

After Lisa Vanderpump tried to prove that she had contacted Dorit Kemsleyhis husband, Paul “PK” Kemsleyto check on her after learning she had been robbed at gunpoint and responded to Dorit accusing her of ignoring her at a party after the break-in, the ladies of the show included Kyle RichardsLisa Chestand Erika Jayneresponded to PK’s rebuttal of her latest claims.

Following the sharing of an Instagram post by PK, which refuted Lisa’s statements about the party that had taken place prior to Dorit’s October 2021 home invasion and suggested the RHOBH alum was “confused,” Kyle noted that Lisa’s explanation of the timeline of the party, which was held in honor of Robert Earlmade no sense.

“That is what I thought. Robert Earl’s birthday is in May,” she explained.

Then Erika winked at PK’s mention that they weren’t sitting together because he and Dorit were at a less mature table.

As for Lisa, she shared two comments on PK’s post, one of which featured four red heart emojis and another that read, “PK brings the receipts.”

RHOBH Cast responds to PK who LVP .  exclaims

After Dorit appeared on Watch live what’s happeningwhere she recalled running into Lisa at a party she claimed took place after the robbery, where Lisa said absolutely nothing to either her or PK, Lisa took to her Twitter page, where she tried to set the record straight.

“Misrepresentation of the facts, we crossed paths… [Robert Earls] 70th birthday party at Mr Chows… six months BEFORE her robbery… I was sitting between the birthday boy and Mr Chow… She was in the other room. And no, I haven’t spoken to her,” Lisa claimed in her tweet last Thursday.

Then, the next day, PK offered his answer on Instagram.

“FACT CHECK…. We saw LVP at my best friends birthday party. She wasn’t at the birthday table, he was with his family and we weren’t in the ‘other room’, nobody was in the other room, we were sitting at a younger table…it was a nice evening…who’s confused?’ he asked.

It should be noted that while Robert’s birthday is in May, he is currently 71, which would mean his 70th birthday was in May 2021, five months prior to Dorit’s robbery.

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