Esko launches new ArtPro + Digital

By Colleen Bate | June 28, 2022

A visit to the Esko booth G40 at Pacprint on the first day will reveal a host of latest innovations; the new ArtPro + Digital, the latest VDP improvements in Automation Engine and new developments in the AVT print inspection system.

Esko’s Scott Thompson: products on stand for digitizing, automating and connecting processes

Scott Thompson, Esko’s sales and marketing manager, explained that the ArtPro+ has been upgraded with the digital release, which debuts this week on PacPrint.

ArtPro+ Digital provides preflight, editing and quality assurance tools, and according to Thompson, makes incoming artwork files premium print ready in “just a few clicks”.

Thompson says, “We’re displaying our complete ecosystem of solutions here—everything from project management, design, prepress, automation engine and inspection systems to presses,” says Thompson, pointing out what to expect for visitors to the Esko booth. show how Esko uses automation for everyday repetitive tasks, as well as to connect all the steps, systems and different processes needed for that complete process into one process, which he calls ‘a single source of truth’.

Thompson explained that one of the VDP enhancements to Automation Engine is that it makes integrating Variable Data Printing requirements as easy as a few clicks, and also points out the benefits of the new AVT on-press print inspection color and quality management system, which improves the overall printing environment by automating job setup and eliminating manual intervention.

“With the latest advancements in our web-based collaboration and automation software, as well as our platemaking and print inspection hardware, Pacprint provides the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate how digitization, automation and connection processes are delivering significant efficiencies for businesses,” he concluded.