Everything You Need To Know About The Fall Idol Games Event Guys

Since its free-to-play launch, Autumn boys has hosted several in game events. These limited-time events typically offer players challenges that can be completed in exchange for recommended rewards. This gives players the opportunity to earn exclusive items without having to pay or use in-game currency; present you a way to show off your hard work and effort.

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The Idol Games eventtheir latest temporary event, is no different; takes place from July 14, 2022 to July 18, 2022. Offering the exclusive crown idol costume, among various other rewards; make sure to log in during the event window and complete the event challenges to take advantage of it.


Event Challenges

There are 10 event challenges that can be completed during the Idol Games event. Each of these challenges tasks you with performing specific actions in the game; varying in nature and wishes. Each of the following challenges will reward you with: 100 event currency; used to redeem the various rewards offered for this event.

There are two event challenges for which you have the temporary event show, Blast Ball Trials. This round consists of three rounds of the new final round, Blast Ball.

Event Challenges
Play any round in Blast Ball Trials
Win Blast Ball Trials
Reach round three in Squads Show
Reach the final round in Squads Show
Win Squads Show
Reach round three in Duos Show
Win Squad Duos Show
Reach round four in solo show
Reach the final round in Solo Show
Win solo show

Event Rewards

There are five event-exclusive rewards offered for the Idol Games event, including the Crown Idol costume. For each of the following rewards, you must: reach a certain amount of event currencyobtained by completing the various event challenges.

Once you have obtained the set amount of event currency required for a particular reward, you must: go back to the event screen to claim it to make it appear in your inventory.

Event Rewards
Reward Item type Event currency required
Idol Games Athlete Nickname 200
200 compliments Currency 300
Idol Games Athlete Nameplate 500
Crown idol (bottom) Costume 800
Crown Idol (Top) Costume 1,000

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