Evil Season 3 Review: Another Doomscrolling Delight

The forked tongue will slide out again in Season 3, adding flavor to the series’ supernatural soup. “This is a bit of a spoiler,” Herbers warns. “But they are two different people.” While this may feel a little revealing, the identification is still open to interpretation as the actor adds to the confusion while clarifying the diabolical details. “There is a demonic character, who is in the mind of David or a real demon, as George was a demon, and she takes the form of Kristen. She can’t stand this bitch, Kristen, that David seems to be in love with, and she’s trying to be her, and be better than her, and she just can’t figure it out.”

The character – demonic or delusional, will continue to push the boundaries of its evolution. “At first she’s just a sultry, sort of cliché sex object, and then she finds out, ‘Oh, well, maybe that’s not all Kristen is. Maybe there’s something else that David gets from Kristen that isn’t just sexual,” explains Herbers. “But what’s really interesting is when in real life that really changes things for Kristen and David. Because he has this whole life of living with her, or with demon Kristen, which she doesn’t know about. So it creates even more distance between them. And she feels quite lonely and misses her boyfriend.”

You can see a clip here:

You can’t blame David for his restlessness. Now that he is a priest, everyday life is a bit boring. His days are filled with masses at six in the morning, banal confessions and the slurping sound of old priests drinking broth over a meditative meal. This works for the viewer because the growing boredom takes on an effective comedic rhythm, accentuating the monotony without losing tempo or impatience. So if the Holy Roman intrigue is right, the public is ready for David’s distraction as we get several new sources of tension at once. David is given something to do and something else to hide from his team.

Amid the new priest’s growing ecclesiastical boredom, he is approached by Victor LeConte (Brian d’Arcy James) to become a friend of the Vatican. However, the openly caring way he asks makes it sound like Lalo Salamanca, un You better call Saul, asking if “Slipping Jimmy” McGill wants to be a friend of the cartel. We asked if this is a dangerous extra duty for David. “He has volunteered to carry out the assignments that the Entity, on behalf of the Vatican, deems important for his continued security,” said Michelle King.

Liability is a cross that many of the characters have to bear. The responsibility of Dr. Leland Townsend (Michael Emerson) slipped massively after taking out his own demon. “I think he majored in that bloody act,” Emerson tells us. “He’s made a statement that he’s moving on, and he’s going up. He will decide who will help him and who will not. Because there seemed to be no consequences. It was just okay. He was actually in a much better place.”