Extreme heat shatters car windows, bends roads

INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, Minn. — Recent triple-digit temperatures pose challenges for some drivers.

A WCCO viewer named Emily discovered Monday morning that her car’s rear window was shattered.

Eli Padilla of LaMettry’s Collision in Inver Grove Heights says extreme heat, wind and pressure can sometimes cause that with toughened glass.

“Often, even if you already have a small crack or stone chip on the glass, it will have an incipient breaking point that way,” Padilla said.

Keeping the car cool, even cracking the windows, is the best move, according to glass repair experts.

“You could put it in a carport, a garage,” said Ron Krier, the owner of Ron’s Auto Glass. “You could cover it with a car cover.”

Roads are not always much better with this weather. MnDOT shared photos of nodding pavement on its Twitter account on Friday.

Their best advice to drivers is to avoid it and call 911 to create an emergency report.



Some people skipped the cars altogether on Monday and decided to walk to the Grandview Theater in St. Paul.

“I definitely don’t want to be outside in this heat, so I went from my air-conditioned apartment, walked to the theater, now I’m going back to my air-conditioned apartment,” said Sunderta Kaur, who saw ‘Everything everywhere at once’.

Jennifer and Jamie Barrett saw “Top Gun: Maverick” as a way to stay indoors.

“Our actual plans today were to go to Stillwater and sit outside, but the heat just ruined that,” Jennifer said. “Too hot.”

Booth McGowan, a manager at the Grandview, says the staff were a little overwhelmed with the number of people coming to the afternoon shows.

“When it’s this hot and there are reasons for people to go to the cinema, you know, it’s exciting to see local people and familiar faces coming in,” McGowan said.

Hospitals reported very few patients with heat-related illnesses or complaints.