Fahad Al-Harifi: Garcia is great, but…

Fahad Al Harifi praised; The star of the Saudi Al-Nasr club, his club had a contract with French coach Rudi Garcia, but he warned about a number of things and set the conditions for his success with the world.

Garcia replaces Russo:

A few days ago, the international announced the departure of Miguel Angel Rosso; The coach of the team, after spending a few months in the club, during which he managed to lead it to third place in the table of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professionals Cup.

But last season’s global exit empty-handed prompted the administration to sign a new coach before the start of the preparatory period, agree with Garcia and officially announce that he would take charge in the new season. .

So far, no deal has been announced of the new players for Al-Nassr during Mercato’s current summer, with only Jonathan Rodriguez officially leaving.

What did Alharifi say about Garcia?

Al-Harifi said in his statements via Nasriya on the social networking site “Twitter”: “Garcia is a great coach, no one can underestimate him, and the person who achieves achievements like him, I know he has potential, but to be the best coaches and you don’t have the tools Identity, stability, winning culture and the good psychology of a lot of players There are people who claim that he is loyal to the club and causes problems on the pitch and then they say about him the greatest player! I am the warrior, I am not like Petros Mateus for example.”

He added: “I don’t doubt an entertaining thought, but some things were not in his hand and the polarization was not in his hand. Despite the many stars with victory, it is forbidden to not have a player like Giuliano anymore seen since his departure.”

The musician concluded: “I am not a priest to tell you that victory will win championships, I know the value of victory, this has been destiny since it was founded, or you surrender, or you work and strive and are excited about the team , it’s easy to talk and say: this is with us and this is against us, I repeat why it was done signing Zinedine Zidane, and there are no tools, will not work.

Who is Garcia?

Garcia is one of the most important names in European competitions, having previously worked with Roma, Marseille and finally Lyon, who he left last year.

The 57-year-old coach’s best experience was with Lille, which stretched from 2008 to 2013, witnessing his crowning of the French league title and later leading him to Italy, where he coached the main team for 3 seasons.

Garcia, who has a stern personality, had a great season with Lyon in 2020-2021 in the Champions League as he led the team to the semi-finals after beating Juventus and Manchester City in the knockout stages, but managed to do it. failed to overcome the hurdle of Bayern Munich, who were later crowned champions, and he left Lille at the end of the season after finishing fourth in the French league.

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