Fall Guys developer apologizes to fans after automatic premium purchases


Fall Guys has regained much of its early popularity since it went the free-to-play route. With crossplay and debut on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles, thousands of new players have adopted an interesting battle royale.

While all game modes are available for free, players can opt for optional premium purchases such as costumes to make their characters look unique. Unfortunately, a recent bug has caused many players to accidentally purchase premium content.

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Fall Guys is an innovative take on the battle royale genre, as players don’t have to resort to violence and kill each other. Instead, 100 players start a round and progress through different levels of platform-based puzzles. Whoever surpasses all remaining players in a match is declared the winner.

While all premium purchases are cosmetic, players can decorate their characters in their own way. These purchases should be an option and the recent bug has been a major nuisance.

Mediatonic Offers Compensation After Fall Guys Bug Makes Automatic Premium Purchases

The bug was first brought to the attention on Reddit because several players had the same issue. They claimed that many purchases were made automatically when previewing the in-game items. It’s unclear what exactly caused the bug, but several players suffered the same fate.

There were other consequences, such as missing show bucks and changing key bindings. But most notable were the lower premium currencies for no apparent reason. Fortunately, Mediatonic quickly noticed and sprang into action.

According to PC Gamer, Mediatonic initially refused to refund customers by referring to what it says in the EULA. It pointed out that players had made the purchases and since they are cosmetics they cannot be refunded:

“This is not a ‘known issue’ because it is not a problem. Items cannot be automatically purchased by the system and always require input from the player. Again, whether by accident or not, you have made this input and the item our EULA, which you have agreed to, all purchases are final and non-refundable.”

However, Mediatonic was quick to apologize through its official account afterwards, informing that what happened was unintentional and should not have happened. It also mentioned the steps that will be taken to resolve the issue in question:

“What is happening in the game is not intended and we are actively working to resolve it. The response from customer service was also not acceptable and we will provide compensation for all affected.”

Fall Guys players will be reimbursed for cosmetics purchased between June 21 and the time of the incident. The developer has also stated that the store design will improve so that such events will not happen again.

As further compensation, affected players will be offered a Grandis costume that will change color.

While what has happened is very unpleasant, it is good to see Mediatonic taking charge of the situation. There has been a rapid increase in visitor numbers since Fall Guys is free to play for all players. It remains to be seen what kind of improvements will be made to the store’s design to prevent such accidents in the future.

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