Fan Uses Twitter And DoorDash To Deliver Pizza To Mariners Player At Angel Stadium After Brawl – GeekWire

Seattle Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker got a special delivery in Anaheim, California on Sunday (Photos via GeekWire, Mariners)

Seattle Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker had a bit of spice in his step on Sunday after lighting a benches clearing up fight against the Los Angeles Angels after being hit by a pitch early in the game.

The pep turned into pepperoni – with a little high cheese? — when a fan had a pizza delivered to Winker in the Angel Stadium visitors’ clubhouse.

Mariners fan Sophie Dille turned to Twitter and DoorDash to make the special delivery and viral moment happen after acknowledging Winker for taking on the Angels.

Dill tracked the delivery as the driver made his way to the stadium on East Gene Autry Way in Anaheim, California.

And she shared a message from Winker confirming that the pizza had gotten into his hands.

But the story got even better when other fans following the saga on Twitter wanted to cooperate with the DoorDash driver’s tip.

Simranjeet Singh set up a Venmo account after hearing from Dill about fans wanting to tip him, according to The Athletic. “I thought she meant five or ten people,” Singh said. “Money is money. Everyone needs money. So I was like, ‘OK.’”

By Sunday evening, more than 300 people had contributed, and Singh said he was “still in my dreams now”, calling the delivery “life-changing” and adding that everyone who tipped helped him “a lot, a lot, a lot”. †

Singh’s wife, Gurmeet Kaur, tweeted a thank you to Dill and other Mariners fans.

The Mariners also participate in the delivery game.

The team later tweeted on Dillsaying “Mariners fans are the best” and that they had a Winker jersey for her.