“Fascist idiot” – Tucker Carlson criticizes commanders HC Ron Rivera, labels him Maoist for fining defensive coach Jack Del Rio

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson criticized Washington Commanders’ head coach Ron Rivera for fined defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio over $100,000 after remarking that the US Capitol uprising on January 6 was a blunder.

The host criticized Rivera’s decision to fine Del Rio on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, saying:

“Oh, he thought he had a right to express himself respectfully in the land of the free. But it turns out, no. A few hours ago, the Washington Commanders coach, a fascist idiot named Ron Rivera, announced that Jack Del Rio has no right to speak and that he will be fined $100,000.”

Carlson also attacked the veteran head coach for claiming “lives were lost” during the uprising, calling it a lie. The Fox News host said:

“If you can think of a rule that is more filled with dishonesty and propaganda than that, text us and tell us what it is, because we can’t. That’s just downright Maoist.”

Why Ron Rivera Fined Jack Del Rio?

Last Monday, the commanders’ defensive coordinator expressed his views on the January 6 uprising hearings, writing:

“Would like to understand ‘the whole story’ why the summer of riots, looting, fires and the destruction of personal property is never discussed, but this is ??? #CommonSense”

@jneelmort @NHastrosFan @Commanders Del Rio’s tweet referenced the devastation caused by the summer riots and people say there are consequences for words. My meme related to the summer riots and was a valid point. I stuck to the topic https://t.co/MQ0e75EMlo

On Wednesday, the former Las Vegas Raiders head coach doubled down on his comments during a press session, comparing the uprising to George Floyd’s murder protests. He said:

“Businesses get burned, no problem… and then we have a Capitol cleanup, nothing burns down… and we’re going to make a big deal out of that.”

Commanders DC Jack Del Rio on his recent tweet (twitter.com/coachdelrio/st…) during today’s media session “Businesses get burned, no problem…and then we’ll have a dusting on the Capitol, nothing burned…and we’re going to make a big deal out of that.”@nbcwashington https://t.co/zH39iSqHM8

His comments prompted Commanders head coach Ron Rivera to fine his team’s defensive coordinator of $100,000. He also released a statement about the situation via the team’s social media account, which read:

†[Del Rio’s] comments do not reflect the views of the organization and are extremely hurtful to our wonderful community here in the DMV [D.C.-Maryland-Virginia]† As we saw in the hearings last night, what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was an act of domestic terrorism. A group of citizens tried to undo the results of free and fair elections, resulting in the loss of lives and damage to the Capitol.”

He apologized for his comments on Twitter, writing:

The defensive coordinator has since deleted his Twitter profile.

Edited by Jay Lokegaonkar

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