Former Child Star and Sexual Assault Survivor Sarah Monahan Looks Back at Home and Away

Former child star and survivor of sexual assault Sarah Monahan has revealed that she would love a part in Channel 7’s hit soap opera Home and Away.

The 45-year-old, who is best known for her role as Jenny Kelly on the popular Australian sitcom Hey Dad! from the 80s and 90s, is eager to get a part on the show, after her brief stint in 1995 as Heather.

“I could go back to Home and Away,” she told Stellar.

“I want to be remembered for the work I do, not for what happened to me.”

Monahan’s former on-screen father, actor Robert Hughes, 73, was deported to the UK last month after being behind bars since 2014 for sexually abusing young girls between 1984 and 1990, with four child victims, including Monahan.

Australian sitcom Hey Dad with Robert Hughes and Sarah Monahan
Camera iconAustralian sitcom Hey Dad starring Robert Hughes and Sarah Monahan. Credit: delivereddelivered

She fled to the UK to escape the trauma, but Monahan is ready to put the past behind her and hopes to ‘make it as an actor. † † as an adult, on my own terms without having a sex offender there to ruin the experience”.

Hughes was released on June 2 by the NSW State Parole Authority, and after the decision, Monahan shared a quote on her Instagram Stories that was attributed to Esther T. Moonomens.

Sarah Monahan speaks to reporters after parole hearing for disgraced Hey Dad!  actor Robert Hughes, at Parramatta District Court, Sydney, Thursday 26 May 2022. (AAP Image/Sam McKeith) NO ARCHIVING
Camera iconSarah Monahan speaks to reporters after parole hearing for disgraced Hey Dad! actor Robert Hughes. Credit: Sam McKeithMONKEY IMAGE

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