Former WA MP Phil Edman faces trial over charges of obstructing a corruption investigation

a former WA The Liberal politician will face charges over claims he obstructed a corruption investigation into his taxpayer-funded sex trips, massages and lavish dinners.

Phil Edman appeared before a court in Perth Wednesday morning on five charges stemming from the 2019 Crime and Corruption Commission investigation, which ultimately found that he had abused his $78,000 annual electoral grant.

Those criminal charges relate to the tipping off of four associates about the investigation, including former MP Nigel Hallett.

The watchdog’s report sparked a lengthy wrangling with state parliament over Edman’s laptop, which he spoke of in secret taped phone conversations and claimed it contained “dirt” that “could end careers.”

Edman’s attorney Finola Barr told reporters out of court that her client has “made strong, not guilty pleas” and “will defend all charges.”

A date for his trial is likely to be set later this month.