Former wealthy Perth thrush Zhenya Tsvetnenko jailed in US

A Perth Tech tycoon has been jailed in the US for eight years for a massive texting scam that financed his luxury life.

RussianZhenya Tsvetnenko’s rags-to-riches story was once the talk of the town.

Tsvetnenko went from a penniless high school dropout to a multimillionaire in just a few years.

But behind his success was an automatic subscription scam that stole $41 million from US telephone customers.

Tsvetnenko, a major player in the fraud, claimed the biggest cut.

His greed funded a high-flying lifestyle that mingled with Hollywood royalty.

But even he knew those days were numbered.

The fraudster finally surrendered in January after more than three years of battling his extradition.

US prosecutors said he “paid a heavy price for his mobile scam”.

Tsvetnenko now pays back all the stolen money and spends 98 months in a US federal prison.

Whether he will get a transfer to Australia remains to be seen.