‘Fortnite’ down for Season 3 start time after the chaotic live event finale

Well there’s one more live Fortnite event in the books, the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, where players were assigned to a giant mecha bear battle mech to save the island for the tenth or eleventh time. We’ve only failed twice so far!

This event has now taken the game offline with the end of Season 2 ahead of the Season 3 debut early tomorrow, Sunday, June 5. it seems, whatever that might be. Reminds me a bit of Avatar and Pandora, and I certainly wouldn’t put that kind of crossover past Fortnite. The movie won’t be released until December. And we got a very clear hint that another major pop culture figure is arriving next season.

First the event:

It started with a waiting screen with players in the helmet unit of the mecha bear, who previously killed the monster on the old map. We launched from the Seven’s moon base and landed on the island to do battle with a slew of tanks and blimps throwing missiles at us. Here, like many of Fortnite’s last few events, what follows is some sort of on-rails mini co-op mission that I’m pretty sure you can’t fail effectively if you try.

However, it was pretty cool to light up tanks with your minigun on the map. Half way through, the bear gets hurt and drinks a whole truckload of SLURP juice, which was pretty funny. Then your minigun will get unlimited shooting potential, blow up more stuff and reach the center.

Before you can throw your sword into IO’s Doomsday device, the ground explodes and Jonesy leads your team through a brief firefight next to the Foundation. Zero flashes several multiverses, including one showing a fight between what appears to be Obi-Wan and definitely Darth Vader, with Vader seemingly as part of the battle pass for next season. My guess is the tier 100 skin, and we’ll see if more Star Wars skins will follow. Obi-Wan is already in the game.

Your team stops the crystal from reaching the top and Foundation and Jonesy chase Geno. Nothing on the island was actually destroyed, except for the giant device itself. And I think all those tanks we blew up. And the stuff by the tanks. Anyway, I expect new zones, but it’s not like we know some specific landmarks have been destroyed this time around.

As for when Fortnite is coming back? Definitely early tomorrow. My guess is around 8am, but the patch will come out earlier, and data miners will love it, as always. But for now, you get a night off from Fortnite. Go play something else!

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