France ‘partially’ apologizes for the chaos of the Champions League final

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French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin apologized in part on Tuesday for the chaos in last month’s Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Paris, stressing that false tickets and “negligence” were the main reasons for this. What happened.

“Could it have been better at the Stade de France? The answer is yes. Am I partly responsible? The answer is yes,” he asked in an interview with the local radio station RTL.

“Of course I apologize to all those who have suffered as a result of this mismanagement,” he added.

The final match was marred by scenes of chaos as Liverpool fans struggled to get into the stadium to attend the match, raising questions about the French capital’s ability to host the 2024 Olympics.

After scenes of fans crowding into confined spaces and being tear gassed at by police, outraged politicians and athletes, Dharmanan added fuel to the fire by blaming fans for carrying fake tickets.