Freedom has ‘disappeared’, Taiwan says on Hong Kong anniversary

TAIPEI: Hong Kong’s freedom has “disappeared” and China has failed to keep its 50-year promises unchanged, Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang said on Friday, the 25th anniversary of the city’s return to Chinese rule
Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Hong Kong to swear in his new leader, former security chief John Leewhich has been sanctioned by the United States for its role in implementing a national security law there.
Most people in Taiwan claimed by China have shown no interest in being ruled by Beijing, and the government has repeatedly rejected China’s offer of “one country, two systems” to rule the island, such as in Hong Kong and Macau.
Su told reporters in Taipei that he promises that life in Hong Kong would continue as normal after the transfer was not honored.
“It’s only been 25 years and in the past the promise was unchanged for 50 years. The ‘dancing will go on and the horses will still run’ is gone, and even freedom and democracy are gone,” he added, referring to a Hong Kong. Kong phrase about how life would not change under Chinese rule.
“We also know that we must hold fast to Taiwan’s sovereignty, freedom and democracy,” Su added. “China’s so-called ‘one country, two systems’ simply failed the test.”
Protests against the government in Hong Kong, followed by a crackdown and the imposition of strict national security law, have been widely condemned in democratic Taiwan. Beijing and the Hong Kong government say the law was needed to restore stability in the city.
Britain brought Hong Kong back under Chinese rule on July 1, 1997, under a “one country, two systems” formula that guarantees far-reaching autonomy and judicial independence not seen in mainland China.
Critics of the government, including Western countries, accuse the authorities of trampling on those freedoms that Beijing and Hong Kong reject.
China has stepped up military and political pressure to get Taiwan to accept Chinese sovereignty. The government of Taiwan says only the people of the island can decide their future.