G7: China must put pressure on Russia to stop invasion of Ukraine

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany: G7 leaders on Tuesday (June 28) urged China to uphold the principle of peaceful settlement of disputes by urging Russia to stop its invasion of Ukraine and its “extensive maritime claims ” into the South China Sea.

China should pressure Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine immediately and without conditions, the G7 said, citing an International Court of Justice ruling that Moscow is suspending its military operation, and related UN General Assembly resolutions. UN.

In a communiqué to conclude their three-day summit in the Bavarian Alps, the Group of Seven Rich Industrial Democracies expressed grave concern about the situation in the East and South China Seas and opposed unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force. or compulsion to change.

“We emphasize that there is no legal basis for China’s sizeable maritime claims in the South China Sea,” it said.

G7 leaders said they were “gravely concerned” about the human rights situation in China, including forced labor in Tibet and Xinjiang. China must also honor its commitments to maintain rights, freedom and a high degree of autonomy in Hong Kong, they said.

In unprecedented language, G7 leaders also highlighted China’s non-market policies that they said were disrupting the global economy, and pledged to work together to ensure a level playing field for their businesses and employees.