Gareth Bale clarifies his position on the move to Getafe and confirms: I will be an asset to any team

Wales star Gareth Bale has clarified his stance on the possibility of moving to Spain’s Getafe in the summer transfer season this year.

Real Madrid had announced Gareth Bale’s departure from the squad as soon as his contract expired on June 30.

Gareth Bale, 32, has been linked with many clubs, including Getafe, where press reports have reported talks between club officials and a Welshman representative.

When asked about this, Gareth Bale said in comments published by the English network “The Athletic”: “I’m not going to Getafe, that’s for sure.”

He added: “I want to be as fit as possible to participate in the World Cup, I think I heard the coach say perfectly that he wants everyone to play, and everyone wants to play.”

He continued: “I hope to enjoy a holiday and then decide where I want to be and what I want to do to try to be as fit as possible for the World Cup.”

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And he added: “If I start playing football regularly again, my body will be a little bit stronger and a little bit better.”

And he continued: “It’s very difficult if you don’t participate regularly, to get the rhythm in terms of your fitness and health.

He concluded: “I just have to play matches and I’ll be fine. I think wherever I go it will be a win for all parties because I hope to play well and prepare myself. When the caps are over, I have enough time to go on vacation and then decide my future.”