Ghislaine Maxwell to be convicted of sex trafficking today

Ghislaine Maxwell could be sentenced to spend the rest of her life behind bars when she is convicted Tuesday of helping pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sexually assault young girls — with some of her accusers saying she deserves to” to be locked in a cage forever.”

Seven Maxwell prosecutors have made statements ahead of the hearing detailing the horrors the disgraced British socialite inflicted on them, and some of the women will be in Manhattan federal court when she learns her fate.

Prosecutors have asked U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan to sentence Maxwell between 30 and 55 years in prison — which could be a life sentence for the 60-year-old convicted sex trafficker.

“As part of a disturbing deal with Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell identified, nursed and abused multiple victims while enjoying a life of extraordinary luxury and privilege,” the prosecutors wrote.

“In her wake, Maxwell left her victims permanently scarred with emotional and psychological injuries,” they said. “That damage can never be undone, but it can be explained by establishing a just punishment for Maxwell’s crimes.”

Maxwell’s lawyers, meanwhile, have pleaded for leniency, saying she should be given no more than four to five years, while probation officers have recommended 20.

The Oxford-trained heiress, who has been in a federal cell since her arrest in July 2020, was convicted in December of sex trafficking and other crimes after a month-long trial.

Prosecutors convinced jurors that Maxwell was an “advanced predator” who exploited vulnerable girls and prepared them to be abused by pedophile financier Epstein for a period of time.

At least three prosecutors who have made statements have been approved to speak at the sentencing, including Virginia Giuffre, who has long accused Maxwell and Epstein of sex trafficking with Britain’s Prince Andrew. Two others, Annie Farmer and “Kate,” a former model, testified at Maxwell’s trial.

“Ghislaine, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you used your femininity to betray us, and you led us all through it,” Giuffre wrote in her statement.

“You could have ended the rapes, the assaults, the sickening manipulations that you have staged, witnessed and even participated in. You could have called the authorities and reported that you were part of something terrible. she continued. “Ghislaine, you deserve to spend the rest of your life in a cell. You deserve to be locked in a cage forever, just like you locked up your victims.”

Annie Boer
A federal trial exhibit of Prosecutor Annie Farmer as a 16-year-old.
Annie Boer
Virginia Giuffre is expected to speak at Maxwell’s sentencing.
Bloomberg via Getty Images/Mark Kauzlarich

Harriett Jagger, a wealthy former fashion manager at Vogue and Tatler magazines, is reported to be Maxwell’s only friend in court. A woman imprisoned with Maxwell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn filed a letter in support of the court, calling her “kind and sincere.”

Maxwell has been under suicide surveillance since Friday and has been unable to “properly prepare” for the hearing because prison officials abruptly placed her in solitary confinement, her lawyers have argued, while adding their client isn’t actually suicidal.

Once used to the high life, Maxwell has complained about prison conditions, claiming that her life was threatened during her nearly two-year stay there.

Federal prosecutors have refuted those claims, characterizing her complaints about the detention conditions as “blatant lies” in court documents.

In their scathing memo about the conviction, the FBI said Maxwell played an “instrumental role in the horrific sexual abuse of multiple young teenage girls” between 1994 and 2004.

Maxwell’s lawyers have argued she is being used as a scapegoat for the government’s inability to prosecute Epstein, who committed suicide in August 2019 in a Manhattan prison cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Sara Ransome, a former Epstein sex slave who tried to swim shark-infested waters to escape his grasp, said Maxwell deserves to die in prison.

“Maxwell today is the same woman I met nearly 20 years ago — incapable of compassion or ordinary human decency,” she wrote in a statement to the court. “Because of her wealth, social status and connections, she believes she is impeccable and above the law.”

Ghislaine Maxwell
Prosecutors convinced jurors that Maxwell was an “advanced predator.”
Reuters/Jane Rosenberg
Witness Kate
“Kate,” a former model, testified at Maxwell’s trial.
Reuters/Jane Rosenberg

Ransome’s statement also included nine photos of her in the hospital after two separate suicide attempts. She said she tried to kill herself after being used as a “sex toy” by Epstein and Maxwell and others.

“To Ghislaine I say, ‘You have broken me in unfathomable ways. But you have not broken my spirit, nor have you subdued my inner flame that now burns brighter than ever before!’” Ransome wrote.

Another Epstein accuser, Maria Farmer, Annie’s sister, said she still fears Maxwell, whom she called “dangerous and cunning.”

“I never feel safe outside due to the tremendous trauma of captivity… Her threats have never left me and I believe she will harm me if she ever finds a way.”

Juliette Bryant, who said she was raped three times a day on Epstein’s private island, spoke clearly in a court statement asking Maxwell to get the maximum sentence.

“Put simply, Ghislaine Maxwell is a monster,” she wrote.