Giant Bomb Co-Founder Jeff Gerstmann Leaves Site After 14 Years

Today, giant bomb announced that the website’s co-founder, Jeff Gerstmann, would be leaving the popular video game website after nearly 15 years. A blog post announcing the departure explained that “giant bomb and Jeff Gerstmann have agreed to go our separate ways.”

Shared in a long blog post on giant bombOn Gerstmann’s website, employees explained that they would be “transparent” about Gerstmann’s departure, calling it “tough news” and a “big moment” for the site and its future.

“Jeff Has Shaped” giant bombb in profound ways and he has also been an important part of bringing on board the voices that have defined the site through the different eras. Up to the present day, Giant Bombs influence on the way video games are treated on the internet is still as widespread as ever, and Jeff remains inextricably linked to that legacy.

But things change: life unfolds; priorities shift and people come and go. And the same goes for Giant bomb.

As for why he left today, neither Giant Bomb nor Gerstmann shared specific details, stating only that an agreement had been reached between the parties to “go our separate ways”.

The former GameSpot editorial director confirmed the news via his own personal Twitter, announcing that today, June 6, was his last day with the company.

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