Glasscorp is proud to sponsor AFLNZ Umpires – AFL New Zealand

AFL New Zealand has recently partnered with Glasscorp Limited who will provide sponsorship in support of AFLNZ referee programmes.

The North Auckland-based company supports the vital role referees play in the growth and development of the game in New Zealand. AFL New Zealand will work to establish structure and systems to encourage involvement of AFL arbitrators. The trajectory includes graduated opportunities from junior football and local league to the AFL New Zealand Premiership, international representation and with progressive opportunities even up to the professional level of AFL and AFLW.

AFL New Zealand CEO, Robert Vanstam, is delighted to partner with Glasscorp. “Referees play a key role in our sport and the sponsorship that Glasscorp provides will help grow the game in that area.”

Bringing better working solutions and equipment standards to the glass processing industry, Glasscorp prides itself on having a reputation for being an industry leader and a leading distributor of all major brands.

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