Google Hangouts finally gets a cutoff date: November 2022

Google Hangouts finally gets a cutoff date: November 2022


It sounds like Google is finally getting ready to move forward with Google Hangouts, the company’s most successful messaging app to date. A new blog post from the company finally gives consumers Google Hangouts a closing date: November 2022. Today is also the day when existing Google Hangouts users will start nagging to switch to Google’s popular new messaging app, Google Chat.

The shutdown of Hangouts has been a long time coming. The service was launched in 2013 as an internal upgrade to Google Talk. As Android’s default messaging service, Hangouts amassed 5 billion downloads, and at one point it even handled Android texting tasks, much like Apple’s iMessage. The service fell out of favor in 2016 with Google’s legendary fickle messaging strategy with the launch of Google Allo. Google announced in 2018 that Hangouts would eventually be discontinued. After several delays, Workspace customers (the paid business version of Google apps) finally had Hangouts removed in March 2022, but regular consumers can still switch between Google Chat and Hangouts.

As of today, most Google Hangouts clients will push users to Google Chat. While most of the Google Hangouts follow-ups were sorely lacking in comparable features, Google Chat is quite an upgrade to Google Hangouts, so there are Google Chat options for all the Hangouts clients you may have used. On desktop, instead of or the Hangouts Chrome extension, there’s, which is also an installable progressive web app. Instead of the iOS and Android versions of Hangouts, you’ll be redirected to the Google Chat apps, both of which have a better interface. As usual, there is a client built into and even a client built into the Gmail appwhich can lead to the awkward situation where your chat messages come in two apps

Google says all your Hangouts conversations — which date back to 2005 under Google Talk — should now be moved to Google Chat. This data can also be downloaded via Google Takeout.

Google’s video apps are also in the midst of a major transition, with a merger of Google Meet and Google Duo (with Google Meet as the surviving brand) in the works.