Google Keep users, you can now drag and drop images to other apps

google To keep gets a new feature that makes it easier for users to navigate through images and the apps they need. Users can now insert images stored in their Keep notes into other apps by dragging them from the image carousel android devices. The drag and drop is done in split screen mode.
Will the new feature work on all Android devices?
For now, the feature is only available on Android tablets and Pixel series of phones, including the Pixel 6 series. Users must have the app version number or higher for the feature to work. Users must ensure that cookies and javascript are enabled.

Google Keep Basics
For those who are ignorant, Google Saves is an android app that can take notes, create lists and set reminders. Users can also record a voice memo on the go and have it transcribed automatically. Users can also take a photo of a poster, receipt or document and later organize or find it in the search. Google Keep works with the two most recent versions of the following browsers:
* Chrome
* Firefox
* Windows only: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge
* Mac only: Safari
* Some other browsers will work, but you may not be able to use all of Keep’s features.